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Kiting in Cabarete

Kiteboarding is a fairly new sport but it got very popular all over the globe these last years. The power a kite can produce, the freedom you experience and the extremely high jumps you can do made this sport the most spectacular watersport of the 21st century. During the last five years Cabarete has grown to one of the best and most recognized kiteboarding destinations in the world. Every year, thousands of tourists and sports people visit Cabarete to learn kiteboarding or to improve their skills.

According to the fantastic wind and water conditions, numerous professional kiteboarders choose Kite Beach Cabarete as their training spot and the Dominican Republic brought out it's own pro riders who represent their country and their sport worldwide. The great potential of the spot also reflects in the fact, that the PKRA (Professional Kiteriders Ass.) chose Cabarete over the last five years as a stop for the kite worldcup with the 2005 finals being held right infront of Kite Beach Hotel.

It is not a coincidence that many pros choose Kite Beach to train. Neither it is that many of the main kiteboarding manufacturers test their new designs here. No matter if you are a beginner or already improving your kite skills, Kite Beach is the ideal place. When you just started, you can use the flat water close to the beach. Once you are a more experienced rider, catch the waves out at the reef.

Staying with us you'll be kiting when the rest of the riders is still checking how's the wind, and you can have a sunset kiteboarding session when the other people are long gone ...

The hotel offers some extra conviniences specially for kiteboarders. You can learn or improve your skills at the in-house kite school Kitexcite, rent or buy equipment or use the overnight kite repair. The hotel offers their guests individual lockers for kite gear, showers and cleaning facilities right at the beach, air compressors and rescue boat. You have plenty of space inside of the property to store your inflated kites during the day protected from sand and sun. If you are an intermediate or expert rider, Kitexcite offers (daily upon request) different downwind tours from 3 to 25 miles.

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