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Weather & Conditions


There is a winter period, a summer period and two rainy seasons.

Winter period: from December to the end of April. The temperatures are between 26 and 30 degrees C.

The small rainy season: May. It doesn't happen every year. Trade winds ease and it occasionally rains. The temperatures are between 27 and 30 degrees C.
Summer period: starts in June and ends in September. The temperatures are between 29 and 33 degrees C.

The bigger rainy season: October/November. Trade winds blow 50% of the time and it's raining the other 50%. The temperatures are between 26 and 30 degrees C.


The trade winds are blowing all year long side-onshore from southeast.

April - June: 10 - 20 knots
June - September: 15 - 30 knots
September – December: 8 - 18 knots
December – April: 12 - 22 knots


The shorebreak is around 0.5 m high. Up to the the reef which is about 500 m out from the shore the water is flat to little choppy. Just in the month sep to mar, the swell can be stronger. The waves on the reef are between 0.5 and 3 meters high. The depth of the water on the reef is approximately 2 m in the left part of the bay, and about 20 cm in the right part of the bay.


The water temperature is in the summer between 27°C and 30°C in the winter between 26°C and 28°C.

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