Come stay were the kiters are...

At the best location both for beginners and experts, Kite Beach Hotel is the perfect place for kiters. Just meters from the beach, a wide range of rooms and apartments with different levels of comfort and prices, to accommodate the single kiter looking for just a comfy room at a good price, to the group or family looking for a prime ocean front apartment.

Take advantage of our hotel services ( breakfast, daily cleaning, linen and towels for pool and bathroom, reception and concierge service, credit at our own oint Break Bar, discount at tennis court rental and lessons, discounts at kite lessons and rentals, and more ) or rent without them, at lower rates, competitive with “owner rental services” such as airbnb or flipkey.

Hotel Amenities

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Top Reasons to Stay

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Beach activities

Kite beach hotel has specialized spaces where you can enjoy the different activities offered by the beach, from diving, Kiteboarding, Surfing and Wakeboarding.

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Culinary Delight

In the local restaurants you can enjoy local dishes with a modern touch, you can enjoy a different experience in the palate.


5 1, Cabarete 57000, República Dominicana

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